Ultimate Recovery $230    ($330 value)

​This package is excellent for chronic tension and pain that hasn't responded well to other techniques. It consists of 4 sessions booked 3-4 days apart: each with different therapists to heal your body using different techniques. The first 2 sessions will be with different Deep Tissue specialists, the 3rd session will be with a Bodywork specialist and the 4th session will be with a CRT specialist. From this package, we can determine which technique or combination of techniques your body responds to the best.

Ultimate Retreat $109    ($160 value)

This package is excellent for total relaxation. It includes:
     * 90-min therapeutic massage
     * Hot Stones
     * Aromatherapy using doTERRA essential oils
     * Hand and Foot Sugar Scrub

Introductory Specials:

​If this is your first Therapeutic Massage  with us, then you qualify for an Introductory Rate on your first session.


60-min Therapeutic Massage,  Energy Work


90-min Therapeutic Massage


120-min Therapeutic Massage

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