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We're a local, female owned and operated, non-membership, non-franchise business. 

Therapeutic Retreat was created to fill what was perceived as a void in the industry:  A center that offers therapeutic massage by highly skilled professionals to relieve/reduce your pain and tension.  Also to provide a work environment that encourages these professionals to continually learn and practice new techniques that will benefit you.

Our ultimate goals are:

  • To relieve muscular pain and discomfort in as many people as possible, so that your quality of life will be greatly enhanced.

The minute you walk through our doors, you'll feel the positive energy, begin relaxing immediately as you breath in the aromatherapy and receive personalized service in a beautiful, welcoming, intimate environment. We're here to serve your needs.

Therapeutic Retreat provides:
     * Therapeutic Massage

     * Deep Tissue Massage

     * Lymphatic

     * Prenatal Massage (after first trimester)

     * Oncology Massage

     * Trigger Point Therapy

     * Post Surgery Muscle Tension Reduction

     * Myofacial Release

     * CRT (Cranial Release Technique)

Therapeutic Massage

We specialize in reducing or eliminating your muscle pain during your massage by providing highly trained therapists who listen to you and truly care about helping you feel better. We strive to provide the best therapeutic massage we can by customizing your session based on your goals; relaxing and unwinding the tension and knots in your muscles; and continually learning new techniques.

Our clients have received excellent results in reducing pain and tension in their neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, hips, legs, knees and feet. If you have decreased range of motion (i.e. you can’t move your arm or leg as far as before) or loss of strength in a muscle, we can increase your range and strength by releasing trigger points, adhesions and hypertonic muscles through therapeutic massage, bodywork and energy work. Trigger points in a muscle will decrease the efficiency of the muscle resulting in a loss of strength in that muscle. We've also had excellent results in decreasing or eliminating migraines and headaches associated with muscle tension and stress.


 If you are stressed; in pain from muscular tension; need emotional balancing; we want to help you. Our highly educated, caring therapists will work with you to provide the results you're wanting.

Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils are CPTG (Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade). What this means to you is every bottle will contain only 100% pure essential oil and the essential oils will have the highest healing properties that are possible. Every batch of essential oil is tested by two independent labs to verify the purity and healing properties. doTERRA essential oils have a proven track record for helping your body stay healthy, help your body heal from ailments, and provide a natural way to alter your mood. Check www.pubmed.org to read the results of essential oil testing in clinical trials. You'll be amazed! More and more hospitals, physicians and surgeons are using doTERRA in their practices with positive results.

All essential oil brands are not the same. To be able to sell an essential oil at a lower price, processors may use solvents to extract the essential oils from the plants. These solvents can't be removed and are not good for you. Plants may be harvested from areas that produce inferior essential oils. Plants may be grown using pesticides and insecticides that will remain in the essential oils after processing. A label listing "100% pure essential oil" may contain 100% pure essential oil plus fillers and fragrances. Quality testing may not take place on each batch or at all. Once you realize that your body absorbs essential oils plus their impurities when used, hopefully, you will choose a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil and not go for the cheapest brand on the shelf.

Touch --- The essence of life

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Therapeutic Retreat is a subsidiary of MKK Massage, LLC.

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