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* We offer full hands-on massage time. That means when you schedule a
    90-minute massage, you receive a full 90-minutes of massage.

* All our Therapists are skilled and experienced in working with muscle

* We're so glad you came in for a session and treat everyone like you're
   important, because you are!

Therapeutic Retreat is your one-stop-shop therapeutic facility that specializes in Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, Lymphatic, Oncology, Pre-Natal, Reflexology, CRT.

Our Facility

Beautiful environment with friendly staff. I told the massage therapist I strained my back. During the massage, it was obvious the therapist was well trained and knowledgeable. Going back in a few weeks to continue my treatment.
Gena T.


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I just completed the recovery package at Therapeutic Retreat. My experience there was so much more than I expected. I booked this package because I had had 3 weeks of pain and suffering that was not getting better. I started treatment a week later. By then my pain was a lot better. It no longer hurt to move. However, I was still very sore when massaged. My soreness lessened with each treatment. I felt all four of my treatments were extremely beneficial. Exactly what I needed. I also received many tips on things to do to keep me feeling better. I feel rejuvenated. I highly recommend this place. They are very professional and skilled. Plus, they know how to establish rapport and make you feel comfortable. I loved the education I got too.

Rosanne B.

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